Putting my Best Foot Forward

I have a new sewing machine!  Well, I've had it for over a year but have never gone to the dealer for my lessons.  I had figured out the basics of running it but I learned all kinds of cool stuff when I finally sat down with my dealer.  It's like having a new machine all over again...wheeee!

I have a narrow rolled hem foot!  Who knew?!  And who knew how cool and easy it is to use.

Becky, my dealer showed me how to start the rolled edge by making a thread tail to use to guide the edge into the foot and then pull it gently to get it feeding straight.

Isn't that purdy!

Check out my beautiful silk chiffon scarf.  A third of a yard of silk with rolled hems on the cross grain edges.

Dead easy!  And ready for spring...whenever it shows up!

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