Time for Tea

I mentioned in an earlier post that I am "practicing being retired."  I say it that way because it is a process, not an event or a point in time.  Some days it's all good and others I feel a bit lost.  If you have done it you know what I'm talking about.  It makes sense, but for some reason I wasn't expecting it to be like that.  I was hoping for a smooth transition.  Today I'm a working stiff, tomorrow a retiree, wheee!  ...not so much.

In January of this year I stopped going into work everyday.  That was the easy part.  January 2 is where it got weird.   I have been 'going to work' in some fashion for my entire adult life, so doing whatever I want, whenever I want for as long as I want is a daunting idea to wrestle with everyday.  Time for myself has always been an afternoon "hiding out" in my workroom or surrendering to a hot bath, little luxurious moments that felt a bit guilty.  "What do I want to do?" has become a much bigger question and caused much roaring and gnashing of teeth as I move into this new life phase.

Taking my time, being gentle with myself, drinking tea...a lot...are part of what I am learning and practicing.  My new teapot has become kind of a symbol of this new way of being.  

Did I mention how much I love my new teapot?!  

I realized that a quick cup of tea before running off to the next meeting was not how my days were going anymore.  I make my tea and actually get to drink it and be around when it gets cold, which requires a few rounds in the microwave and another dunk of the tea bag.  My cup seemed to be spending a lot of time going in and out of the microwave.  I have also discovered a lovely loose tea from my local tea shop that requires an actual infusing device so refreshing the cup is a bit more involved than just a couple more 'dunks.'  My tea, like me, has become more of an evolving process, it takes more consideration, more time and care...and here is where my new teapot comes into the picture.

First of all it holds at least four cups of tea, enough for an entire morning (and maybe some of the afternoon before I have to stop caffeinating for the day!)  Inside it has a real honest to goodness olde timey glass thermos, like my grandad had in his lunch box.  It keeps my four cups of tea piping hot without a single trip to the microwave.  As for the brewing part of the process, it has a skinny basket like infuser that fits neatly into the pot with the lid on so I can steep my loose tea as long as I like.  AND, it's chubby and green and cute as a button!!!  It makes me smile!

I don't have many daily 'rituals' at this point...I'm not even sure I want them...but taking time with my tea, brewing real loose leaves, enjoying the whole pot nice and hot throughout my morning feels a bit luxurious...and not a bit guilty!

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