Another 10 Years

Ok...Let me just get this out there...


I have nothing against quilts.  I love the colors and the shapes.  I am fascinated by the endless variety.  I am in awe of the history and generations of women (and men!) who have created quilts.  I admire the skill and techniques of quilting.  I adore my quilting friends!  BUT...

I don't quilt.

I have over the years made attempts.  It is incredibly hard to resist the lure of miles of crisp quilting cottons lined up in the quilt shop.  Agonizing over just the right colors and patterns for the perfect effect.  Choosing a block pattern, finding the perfect back...I really love all of it...I even enjoy the math.  Figuring out the cutting sequence, how much to buy (don't forget those pesky 1/4" seam allowances, they do add up!), what size will the finished quilt be, how many and what size for the borders...and the tools are way cool!  Rotary cutters, clear rulers, little 1/4" sewing machine feet, all manner of things to make life easier for the quilter...I even get excited about making that first block, precise 1/4" seams, seeing the colors working together...and then...

"How many of these do I have to make????????"

It's just not my thing, making 40 kajillion of anything!  So I have made a few quilts in my time.  About every 10 years or so just to remind myself that, I don't quilt.

So why the rant about quilting, you ask?  Because it happened, it must be about 10 years from my last collision with a quilt.  For true quilters this little venture won't even hit the radar, but for me, it's as close as I come to a quilt.

It started innocently enough with a new vase.  

It's hard to tell from this photo, but it is the softest, old fashion aqua color.  It is ceramic, but looks like an old Mason jar, it was just so dang cute, I had to take it home and fill it with daffodils!

Well that was fine, but it looked so lonely on the table all by itself.  Apparently this aqua color is a weakness, because I found two other 'jugs' in my cupboard in a similar color that could keep my new Mason jar company.  OK, but how about something a bit taller, maybe some candles?  And looky there, a blown glass bowl in the same color.....and sure enough I end up in the quilt shop looking for the parts and pieces for the table runner that will 'tie it all together!'  having totally forgotten in the heat of the search that...I don't quilt!

The fabrics (there were 3 of them) that I selected were chosen for their vintage-esque quality to go with the Mason jar.  They won out over the 'seventies inspired' daisy flower print that was the perfect color, but totally different vibe.  (Like I said, I love the search!)
Aren't they lovely?

The math that ensued had to do with figuring out how to center the striped border and how to cut and piece the aqua fat quarter to get the necessary center size.  Then came the pondering about how to miter the striped corners and whether to put the dots on the edge of the inner border or in the middle of it. 

 ...cutting, precise 1/4 inches, linen backing, ditch stitching, bias bordering, mitering, pressing, pressing and more pressing....

One big block! (16" X 41")

I'm delighted with my new table runner.  It lies fairly flat, and does a nice job of pulling together my assorted aqua pots, but most of all, it reminds me that I have another 10 years before I need to quilt again!!!


  1. Look at those stunning mitered corners! Love it.

    1. Thank you...I'm not going to discuss the fussy time it took to get them!