Sharing a 'Slow Sew'

I mentioned in an earlier post that my sewing during the summer, while I am spending time at my 'yellow' house, is very different than when I am in my 'winter studio'.  (that sounds kind of exotic for my basement space)...Everything seems to take longer and I seem to want to 'linger' a bit more with the things that I am working on.  It was fun to share a 'slow sew' day with my sewing pal this week.

She came over with her knitting bag with the idea of just sitting, sipping (sangria!) and knitting.  But a trip into town and the local fabric shop changed our knitting plans into sewing projects.  We both got a few yards of a textured knit, kind of a French Terry that was crying out to be a T-shirt dress.

We used one of my favorite dresses as the starting point and by the end of the day (which was actually 2 pm when I had to get her back into town!) we had her dress almost ready to wear!  The 'slow sew' got a bit frantic at about 1:45 when we realized that our time together was almost up!  

Here she is in our 'studio'.  I have a space that is sometimes a sewing room, sometimes a yoga room, sometimes...?  It's on the top floor and feels like a tree house, very inspiring!

The pattern that we figured out has a cool pocket that has a faced slit for your hand and is applied like a simple patch pocket.  My friend did some hand top stitching around the opening and used  serged edges as a decorative feature in several places that really worked well with the texture of the cotton knit.

Here she is with her 'almost' dress...it will get sleeves and side seams when she gets home!

We had sew much fun!    ...and sangria!


  1. it looks good even without the sleeves. Beautiful room. And I really enjoy your blog.

    1. It does look cute with the drop shoulder, but she wants to wear it for fall and winter, so sleeves will be important!
      Thank you! I have been surprised by how much I have enjoyed capturing projects in stories and photos, glad you like it.