Cookies and Slips

There is a kids' book called  "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie."  It's a circular tale that starts with giving a mouse a cookie, the mouse asks for a glass of milk to go with his cookie, then a straw to drink the milk.....round and round and finally back to the cookie. (the millennial version of "There's a hole in the bucket dear Liza") I mention these stories because they remind me of my most recent sewing room adventure.

It started when I was thinking about some new fall outfits.  Last spring I made a tunic (described here).  I liked the tunic with the ruffle showing, but the dress and tunic together were just too lumpy.  I decided that more of a slip would be a better solution.  

I started pulling things that might work.  I found a rayon crepe with a soft green and gray print that would be really lovely with the tunic, and it also went nicely with a linen gingham that I had considered for my DOL retreat (described here), but hadn't used.  Maybe they could be a 'slip'?  There were several ribbons and twill tapes that would make great straps...other pieces of linen that picked up the colors in the rayon print...

There was  a great wool jacquard that would make a top that could go over the slip so I would have two options...do you see where this is going?  Round and round....

Finally, I turned off my monkey brain and focused on the slip!

I started with a hand stitched piece...I wasn't sure where it might end up, but the stitching was calming and didn't require too many decisions!!  I knew it needed to be soft and light so I used two layers of cotton gauze... a light gray and a piece with green warp and blue weft...as my base.

I really liked the subtle colors and soft texture that emerged as I stitched rows across my gauzes.

I thought I was going to use the gingham for the bodice of the slip, but I had used a couple of shiny threads for my stitched piece and I found a metallic linen that really made the stitching pop.

The rayon crepe was only about 36 inches wide so I had to really work to get the skirt pieces of my slip to fit.

               A linen ribbon forms the straps.           What's a slip without pockets!

'Arty' photo taken by Mr. Sewphie.
(please don't tell my Doctor that I shed my lovely boot for the photo shoot!)

Sooooo...I love the slip...BUT...don't like it any better with the tunic!!!  
Should I make the wool jacquard top to wear with it...or just leave well enough alone?!

Maybe a cookie to think about it....

                                                                ...and some milk...


  1. It's a lovely slip – so many details, embellishment, textures, colours. Could it be the proportions of top to slip that you don't like?
    A wool jacquard top sounds very interesting...

  2. I think that's right. Also 'volume' of slip that shows under the top. The picture in my head is a 'ruffle' sticking out about 3-4 inches. The length of the slip is OK, but it's not very full...I'll let it 'rest' for a bit...

    1. A ruffly slip under your ruffly slip under your tunic might look pretty darn wonderful. Letting it rest never hurts.