Piles of Potential

The weather has taken a definite turn toward fall.  We have had a long transition from summer to fall this year that has been glorious.  The colors are a bit late so it makes it feel much earlier in the fall than the date suggests, but it's feeling very autumnal now.

My herbs came in this week...or as my husband refers to them..."the sacrificial plants."  I have a terrible time keeping herbs going inside.  You can see how lovely they are right now and I always have high hopes of snipping freshness all winter...I guess unlike hope my herbs do not 'spring eternal!'

After finishing my marathon 'spotted' dress I felt a little lost.  It has been my go to project for so long.  I haven't had to think up anything else, it has been 'time to cut the spots' all summer.  

So...I got out two new tops that I found for fall...an amazingly soft alpaca cardigan that I couldn't resist in Peruvian Connection, and a Free People knit top that has a chunky zipper up the back...too fun.  Both were purchased with nothing to go with them, the perfect challenge.

I started pulling from my boxes and inspiration started to stir.  It's crazy how just being in the presence of fabric gets my juices going.  It's my happy place.

Here's the pile!  (the two new tops are in the lower corners, alpaca left and Free People right)  Some of my all time favorites hit the pile this time.  The lower center is a gorgeous, fine gauge wool that was collected on one of my first pilgrimages to Britex, the paisley was a recent find at Mood Fabrics, the rust piece is an Ibex wool jersey mill end from Fabrications.  Plenty of inspiration here!

As the fabrics began to speak to me I started sifting through pictures that I collect and patterns...

Here's that pile!  I've been seeing lots of jumper-like tops and dresses this year and they work well for my now retired lifestyle...the alpaca cardigan is cropped so perfect for layering with longer t's...I have been thinking about a more relaxed type of pant, rather than the more tailored styles I wore to work...I want to incorporate more 'slow sew' projects....

My eyes are always bigger than my sewing time...but this exercise always jump starts at least a few projects.  Many of these will reappear in later piles for other projects,but that's the fun...they always have 'potential!'

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