Another UFO (unfinished object!)

I've kind of been on a roll finishing up "lost in mid thought" projects.  While I was scrounging around looking for something that I'm sure was critically important at the time, I came across this vest that got started at some point, I think last year.  

The fabric had been residing in my stash for quite some time  It was a piece of wool jersey that I had intended for a much larger project, but when I pre-washed it, it did as wool is want to do and, I ended up with a significantly smaller hunk-o-wool.  On to "Plan B."

What you see on the dress form is the entire piece of fabric, pleated and gathered to look more or less like a vest.  The obvious problem being...no armholes!

There!  That's better!

I love the weight of partially felted wool jersey and it is so moldable!  Most of the shaping is done with a good head of steam from my iron.  The edges and selveges felt and curl into wonderfully organic shapes that must end up as a feature on the finished product!

I used my sewing machine in two spots.

To stabilize the gathering at the neckline and form the loose ruffle for the collar, I stitched a length of grosgrain ribbon to the underside (which is the outside) of the neck.

I also ran a stabilizing row of straight stitch around each armhole before I cut them out.  I didn't want the gathering at the top of the shoulder to open up too much when I released the armhole.  The stitching is about 1/8th of an inch from the raw edge.

The darts are all sewn by hand with button weight thread.

I haven't decided what, if anything, I want to do about a closure.  I have several lovely button options, which would require some sort of buttonholes...I think it works fine with no closing devices...I could use a pin or shawl pin, which means I could change it up...still pondering.

The scarf is an 'infinity scarf' made from a wonderful piece of Malaysian silk that is printed in 4 yard panels to be used for their traditional tunic and wrap garments. Some of the print is a border and some of it is for the center design of the tunic...very interesting fabrics.  And gorgeous!

I considered a couple of pockets out of my armhole leftovers, but couldn't figure out where to put them.  I guess they will get saved for another project!


  1. How clever. How bold! A unique and beautiful result.
    You're inspiring me to put wool jersey in the washer and dryer. How much did the fabric shrink? The texture of the fabric is really interesting. Love the colour too. The scarf is gorgeous.

    1. Toss it in! It's only fabric! A lot...it shrinks a lot. I bought a yard of 60" wide fabric and ended up with a piece that was 25" X 51". Therefore, Plan B was put into play. It is a lovely weight and texture.

  2. Wow that's fantastic. Definitely channeling Diane with this project.

  3. Wow! That's a heady compliment, thank you. I am a huge Diane fan!