Earring Envelope: A Tutorial I think!

It has been quite awhile since the request for instructions for my "Earring Envelope" was made.  I apologize for the wait and hope this post isn't totally confusing.  I realized as I was putting the sample together that there are some steps that might be better understood in person!  We'll see how this goes and of course ask any questions that will help clarify things....

I tried to choose fabrics with good contrast so you will be able to see the steps.  I haven't been in my studio since I got back from my Florida trip, so this was a nice 're-entry' project.   Thanks for askin'!

What you will need

3 coordinating fabrics. I used cotton quilting type fabric, they press well and have enough body to hold the shapes.  The biggest piece is about 11" X 9" so this is a great project for those little scraps that we all seem to collect.

3" X 9" (approximate) light weight fusible batting

4" piece of ribbon

The pattern is my own and I hope you can see the measurements.  When it's flat the folding lines are a bit hard to figure out.  It gets clearer as you start making the folds.  (I hope!) The tricky part is making the inside pockets.  It's done by making a fabric tube and folding it into a series of pockets.

Pattern Piece 1: Pocket Insert

Pattern Piece 2: Outside and lining

Cut one piece for the inside pockets using Pattern Piece 1.

Cut one piece for the outside of the envelop, and another for the lining using Pattern Piece 2.

Cut the fusible batting 1/8" smaller on all sides using Pattern Piece 2.

Cut a piece of ribbon 4"

Sew a 1/4" seam matching the short sides
(8 3/4")of the pocket insert piece, press the seam open, turn the seam to the inside of the tube and then press the fabric tube flat, positioning the seam in the center.  

This piece will be folded to make the series of pockets.

The first 2 folds are made with the seam facing away from you, 1 3/4" from each raw edge.

Turn the piece over so the seam is facing you to make the second 2 folds.

Make the second folds 1 1/4" from the first folds, fold in the opposite direction.

You will end up with an accordion looking series of folds.

Match the first set of folds and stitch them together.

Flatten along the fold lines and press.  

This is the pocket insert.

Position the pocket insert on the right side of the lining piece 1/4" from one of the short edges.  Match the raw edges of the pocket insert with the long edges of the lining.  Stitch the insert to the lining through the mid point.  

Fuse the batting to the wrong side of the outside piece.  Position the ribbon 3/4" down from one of the short edges of the outside piece on the right side. 

With the batting facing up, place the outside piece on top of the lining and pocket insert assembly, sandwiching the pocket insert between the outside piece and the lining piece.  The ribbon should be facing the pockets at the same end.  

Stitch the pieces together with a 1/4" seam making sure to catch the raw edges of the pocket insert in the long seams and being careful NOT to catch the pockets along the short seam. Clip the corners.

Leave the short end opposite the ribbon end open for turning.

Turn to the outside and press all seamed edges well.

Fold in half lengthwise with the lining to the inside of the fold.  Stitch across the end using a 1/4" seam allowance.  Trim the outside fabric and the batting close to the seam. Trim lining corner at the folded edge.

If you have a point pressing tool, this is a good place to use it!

Press the seam open forming a point.  

Turn the point to the right side and press again making a clean point and centering the seam.

Topstitch the point on all three edges to secure it.

Slip stitch the inside most pockets together along the outside edges to form a center pocket.  There should be 5 pockets in all.

Fold the point over the pockets and through the ribbon to secure.  Press one last time.

Load your envelope up with earrings and other jewelry and away you go!


  1. Thank you so much for posting this, I am going to give it a go!

    1. Have fun...and please let me know if you run into any snags. I find it just the right size for what I want on a trip.