Lazy Days and Crazy Pockets

Summer at the lake means a different kind of sewing.  

I have a lovely sewing space at the lake house.  It has a my "Mickey Mouse" sewing machine. (it's a Brother machine that has Disney embroidery motifs, which I never use, but that's why I call it my Mickey Mouse machine.)  It has a serger, a great roll around folding cutting table, an ironing board that gets set up with a view of Lake Michigan...pretty great.  But it doesn't have my stash or my dress form.  

Sooooo, the kind of projects I do are much more 'planned.'  No draping several versions of a dress, or pulling out 4 choices of linen from the linen box.  When I'm at the lake I do projects that use tried and true patterns that don't need a lot of fussing or fitting.  I sew home dec projects, or bags.  My swim suit pattern is a perfect lake project, I don't even think I could wrestle it onto my dress form!!

Last week I fulfilled a request from my son for some "t-shirts with crazy pockets." I used the pattern that we tweaked last year which I know he likes.  One of his current jobs is managing a coffee shop.  I found some fun coffee prints for the 'crazy pockets' that I thought would make good work shirts for him.

I have been doing some more reversible projects (more about those later...) and that thinking just carried over to the t-shirts.  One of the fabrics was a printed knit that was plain on the reverse side.  A perfect candidate for a reversible garment.

The print on the black and white piece of fabric reminded me of the heart monitors at the hospital.  The skeleton print pocket is a bit of dark humor that made me chuckle when I found it.  On the reverse of that pocket is the coffee cup pocket.  I turned the plain black to the print side for hems to keep one side solid black.  I serged and top stitched the seams to mimic a cover stitch.

The striped T was a bit fussy!  I cut out the grey stripes and sewed them over the pocket to make it look like the pocket is behind the stripes.  I like the way it turned out, but a lot of matching for one pocket!!!

He's happy with his new shirts and I had a lot of fun making them...total win win!!

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