Wine and Leftovers

It's been a tough week at 'Chez Sewphie' and I needed a bit of a pick-me-up.  Something silly and fun, that I could get lost in for a few hours.  

I was taking wine to a gathering later in the week and was trying to figure out how to keep it cold en route...Some kind of 'wine tote'...just the diversion I was looking for!

.........................................I figured I could probably do better....

Here's where the 'silly' part comes in....

Yep, that's a pair of my son's jeans from the mending pile...I promise I will buy him a new pair!

I bet you didn't know that the legs of skinny jeans are the perfect size for wine bottles!

I cut the legs off at the knees and turned them upside down.  I stitched across the cut edge to close the openings and made a 'boxed' corner to give the wine bags some dimension.

I took one of the back pockets and attached it to the outside of one of the legs.  (you've gotta have a place to keep your corkscrew!)

I knew I would say lots of bad words if I tried to stitch the legs together from the inside...so I pinned them from the outside and top stitched them together.  Way easier!

To make a handle I cut the waistband off the jeans and sewed it to the outsides of the pant legs.  

I cuffed the pant legs, popped a corkscrew into the pocket and slipped a white wine in one leg and a nice dry red into the other....and we're good to go!

Very silly, but pretty effective!

Hmmm...I wonder?.....Do you suppose those cut off pants would fit me?....
I couldn't resist!

Here's what I had left after making my wine tote.
(the reason these were in the mending pile was the first set of purple patches I did had worn through...well loved jeans!)

Time for some more silliness!

Some new patches for the worn out crotch.....a new pocket to replace the one that ended up on the wine tote and some more patching to the butt!

I improved the fit with a couple of darts in the back yoke and lined one of the front pockets just for fun, before adding my new cotton print waistband.  I lined the waistband with a heavier cotton check to give it more body, reattached the belt loops, put back the leather label and finished with a jean button and buttonhole.

So....do these pants make my butt look big??!!!!

My new 'cut-offs' are really comfy and I think they turned out pretty cute for 'leftovers!'  

A little silliness (and some wine) works wonders!


  1. Those bottles of wine couldn't be cozier. When the word gets out... well, all bottles of wine will be clamouring for such a nest.