Lake Time

Summer...means I get to spend lots of time at the lake.  This summer, the first of my retirement summers, means I get to spend not just weekends at the lake, but entire weeks at a time!  Perfect!

Since we built our house (see photo) I have imagined getting up on Monday morning at the lake.  When it actually happened this summer, I wasn't quite sure what to do at the lake on Mondays!  The weekend folks have all gone back to their weekly schedules, the boats are in their slips, the beach is deserted, it's peaceful and quiet...very, very quiet.  

When I was working full time even weekends were packed to the max with stuff to do...get all the fun jammed into Saturday and Sunday 'cuz it's back to work on Monday.  I am discovering the freedom I have to take things slower.  The option to 'lower the speed limit' on my life is an unexpected pleasure.  Unexpected because I always thought I liked being too busy.  The idea of slowing down on purpose is novel and welcome.

One of the big differences between my house 'in town' and my house 'at the lake' is the space and toys I have for sewing.  In town I have my 'schmancy' equipment...industrial iron, my 'home-made' ironing table (I love my ironing table! ironing table post ), a cutting table made for my 6 foot frame, my darling dress form, my 'inventory', sewing machine, serger, all collected over years of honing my 'tool kit.'...at the lake I have the basics, sewing machine, serger, ironing board, folding table....serviceable, but by no means 'schmancy.'  It has been just fine for the few weekend projects that I might tackle on a rainy Saturday.

Now that I am spending more of my time in 'making mode' I find that I am having to tailor my lake projects to the equipment to keep them from being exercises in frustration.  (e.g. I know I have the perfect piece of linen that would be just right.... at the other house!)  OK, I know, tough problem...get over it...I do realize how lucky I am!  

I choose draping projects in town vs. using patterns at the lake.  I try to pack up entire projects to do at the lake rather than hunting through my studio as inspiration hits.
"Plan as you go" in town vs. "Go with a plan" at the lake.

The pleasure of slowing things down translates to my creating as well.  "Slow Sew."  Handwork and knitting are not only slower, but easy to take to the beach!  (Stay tuned for some slow sew project posts.)

I'm 'learning' into this new way of working and being.  I still seem to fill up my schedule and keep myself busy, but the pace is more relaxed, with more time to savor the journey.  I think this is a good thing.

Mondays at the lake....


  1. Your lake house looks amazing. Who is the architect? I'm always looking for the "perfect" place and someone who can help me achieve it.

  2. Did you use an architect or design it yourself? Or perhaps out of a book of plans?

    1. We worked with John Allegretti architects from St. Joe, Michigan.