Fall Distractions

I keep thinking...'this is it, this is the last nice day' but fall has gone on and on...it has been one sunny, glorious day after another!  I have lots of 'starts' on my cutting table but keep getting distracted by the amazing weather.  In Michigan you just don't ignore a beautiful day in November!  

Some of my fun distractions....

We had a lovely weekend away in Traverse City to celebrate our anniversary.  This darling B&B was our home base.  Everywhere we turned there were sensational views of Grand Traverse Bay.  My new 'sweatshirt' was the perfect weight for the weather. 

Now that my toe is back in commission I can pedal again.  I missed my bike at the end of the summer but have had the chance to make up a bit of ground this fall.

I can't resist a sunny day on the trails near my house! (This is a great perk of being retired!)

We also did a "Wine Tour" on bikes.  In a ten mile loop there were 5 wineries, a brewery and an ostrich farm!  It was another perfect fall day and such a fun way to see the vineyards.  And there was wine!!

I have a beautiful Ginko tree in my garden that turns brilliant yellow in the fall.  A friend told me that his kids were making flowers out of the Ginko leaves....OK....had to try that!

Aren't they great?!  I had so much fun and I love the way they look with the Osage Oranges.

I know fall will end and I will have plenty of wintery days to hole up in my sewing room.  So for now it's OK that my favorite 'pattern weight' is holding down the fort!


  1. The house has the same texture as the osage oranges. Love the gingko flowers. And the glorious autumn.