My New Jersey Skirt!

Remember this?  My fall "pile of potential?"  

I usually do this 'pile-making' exercise in the spring and the fall to switch my brain into the upcoming season, in this case making the switch from linens and cottons to wools and sweaters.  It's a great way to get my creative energy moving in a new direction, but I don't necessarily work up all of the things that end up in the piles. Well, this time, I actually made something from the pile!  Yep, the lovely wool jersey in the middle of the pile turned into a top AND a skirt. (not bad for a yard and a half of fabric!)

I wanted something to wear with my new alpaca sweater and the color was perfect. (it's better in person than in the photos)  I knew that the wool and alpaca combo would be warm so I opted for a sleeveless top, which is how I had enough fabric to squeak out a skirt to match.

I used Vogue 7799 (I think it's out of print, I've had it for a long time!)  The neckline works nicely with the neckline of the sweater.

The skirt ended up with 'strategic' pockets...meaning that I couldn't cut the full fronts and backs from the pieces I had left so pockets with contrasting facings and linings made it work out.  I used a fold-over elastic for the waistband eliminating the need for a zipper.  I'm pretty pleased with the outcome.

The wool jersey was one of the Ibex end cuts that I got from my local fabric store, Fabrications (they have an on line store as well.)  It was a total dream to work with and washable to boot!  

The necklace is something I did a few years back when I was learning to use my Kumihimo disc.  I made the braid with the disc and hung some old skeleton keys and beads on it, kind of fun.


  1. Yes, elegant. What fibres did you use for the Kumihimo necklace? It looks very interesting.

    1. The bow on the necklace is actually the 'yarn' I used for the braid. I have no idea what it is...some kind of novelty, synthetic tape-type yarn. It's sparkly;)

    2. Sparkles are always good. Thanks.