Pillow Fight

I know I said I didn't have to make a quilt for 10 more years, BUT...my Sewing Guild gang was doing a holiday gift exchange.  We all made a pillow and did a Chinese Gift Exchange.  I have no idea why it's called Chinese.  I've also heard it called White Elephant (which implies that the gifts were on their way to the thrift shop and got side tracked!  These pillows were not thrift store material I can tell you!)  Anyway, each person in turn chooses one of the wrapped gifts or one of the gifts that someone else has already opened!   You can see how it might get a bit feisty!  I wasn't sure I was going to even go home with a pillow.  Every time I opened one someone would swipe it!  I guess I just have really good taste! 😏

I actually had forgotten about the exchange and wasn't sure I would even have one done.  I was just glad that I actually had an idea pop into my head in time to do something about it.  It was too late to go to the store for supplies so I had to work from my stash.  

I ended up making two versions.  One 'trial balloon' to see if it would work and one for the exchange.  I was really please with my design. (even if it did involve a wee bit of quilting!)  I made the first go out of a white and a natural linen, something I have plenty of in my stash!  I raveled the natural linen and used the threads to embroider the snowflake.

I did the 'exchange' pillow in more traditional Christmas colors and fabrics.  I was surprised that I had these in my cupboard...not my normal palette.  It was fun.  

The back was fabric that I had planned for a sundress at one time.  I think it worked much better as the back of my holiday pillow.

I found another pillow insert and finished the 'trial balloon' for my couch!  It's a nice addition to my Christmas decorations.

While I was in a 'crafty mood' I did another fun project....several weeks ago a friend asked if I could help her hem a dress and a jacket that she planned to wear for an up coming wedding.  The dress was a cotton jersey and the jacket was a knit with a metallic finish of some sort.  While I was hunting around for pillow making supplies I came across the scraps from the hemming project.  I had planned to give them back with the garments but must have over looked them.  Now when I give them back they will be in the form of this dang cute little guy....

Hope she doesn't want the dress longer again!!!!

Happy Holidays and thank you for checking in on me.  ðŸ˜˜

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