The Year that Was!

One of the pieces of advice I received while I was making the decision to retire was, "Don't commit to anything for the first year."  This small corner of the 'interweb' was the one thing that I did commit to and it was the one thing that I was least sure about.  I felt so lost those first weeks and months that I was ready to jump on anything just to feel busy. Now, with the perspective of the past year, I realize that what I would have committed to then has nothing to do with what I would choose now.  Thank goodness I actually listened to the advise, even though it was really hard to take.

February 24, 2016 was the first time I ventured into the 'blogosphere' (as a blogger!).  I was very ambivalent about the whole thing, even the word 'blogger' was intimidating!  My sons helped me set it up and nudged me along and I am so grateful to them for their expertise and wisdom.  They knew that I needed something...I'm not sure even they realized how much it would help me as I navigated this new phase of my life. 

Anniversaries seem to be a time to 'take stock' and think about the lessons and the cautionary tales.  This first year of retirement has provided some surprising opportunities for person growth.  It was definitely a reminder that we are never done learning about ourselves or reinventing.  I am also very glad to be on this end of that year! 😜

It hadn't occurred to me when I started this last year that I would have a whole year's worth of projects that I could look back on and decide what I think worked and what is...'hmmm, not so much.' Having the photos all in one place I can definitely see some trends...both good and 'hmmm, not so much.'

Here are some of the trends that I spotted...

My favorite color in 2016 appears to have been this browny-goldy-mustardy shade, often paired with turquoisey colors.  

I was definitely experimenting with hand stitching inspired by boro style patching.

"Do-overs" were popular this year.  Some more successful than others...I now wear my long pull-over turned cardigan all the time and my reworked cut-offs are really fun.  Can't say that the 'hippie cuffs' or the 'shirt-dress' are in heavy rotation...fun to make though.

One of my favorite fabrics is linen and that didn't change.  

Long tunicy tops showed up a few times.  

Bags and home dec were featured more than usual, and surprisingly enjoyable!

...And of course the project that started it all...my son's birthday vests!  
I did finish one for his birthday again this year but in all the excitement of the weekend, I forgot to get a picture. Sometimes being in the moment is more important than 'capturing' it! 
(I did snap a picture of the scraps that were left on my ironing table!)

There is one 'trend' that I will definitely not be repeating this year
.....the 'boot' is officially retired!

 I'm not sure that I am completely comfortable as a 'retired person' yet, but I know that it was the right decision at the right time for me, and that feels complete....I will keep practicing and eventually get the hang it!  As with my projects...some things are great! and others, 'hmmm...not so much.'

As I look ahead to the year coming into focus, it is already filled with adventures.  Continuing to share my sewing room projects here is something I am looking forward to.  Thank you for indulging my whims and sending your comments and encouraging words.  I hope this will continue to be fun for you, too!


  1. I never did like that word... Retired. First you were tired. Then you were re-tired. I don't think being retired suits everyone. Many of us like working, it's just the grind we don't love.
    You have been so productive over the year. And beautifully so. I always look forward to your posts to see what imaginative creations you inspire us with. Brava. Well done. Encore! Encore!

    1. Thank you so much for your support this year, it means a lot that my projects inspire you. It really has been my "work" this year and it feels good to be able to devote more time to something that has more often been an avocation.