Back in Michigan....I'm not sure I was ready to give up flip-flops and my cool aqua beach cruiser for Uggs and snow tires...but here I am!  

I was hoping to have spent some time in my sewing cave by now and have pictures of some magnificent creations...but...not so much.  I'm finding the trip north hasn't been accompanied by a blast of inspiration, just a blast of arctic air!

What I have been inspired to do is take another whack at 'closet editing.'  
This past year has been a transitional one for me in so many ways, not least of all, what sort of clothing I want to wear, and make, to fit with my new life-style.  I really wasn't thinking it would be THAT much different, but, well, I was wrong...it is soooo different.  Each time I do an 'editing session' I find a pile of stuff that I just don't wear.  I like it, it's made well 😏 , it fits...I just don't seem to pick it.  

Being in Key West was a wardrobe eye-opener.  While I was there I literally had 2 T-shirts, a pair of shorts, a couple of swimsuits and my PJ's.  I started out with a few more things, but after the first week I sent a bunch of stuff back to Michigan with my hubby!  Working with such a limited wardrobe was incredibly freeing!  Do I want to wear the grey shirt or the striped one?  Done!  Granted I was only there for a month and I'm pretty sure I might have wanted 3 shirts if I had been there much longer!  But, figuring out how little I actually needed, and wanted, was surprising and very liberating.

So now that I am back with a stash of patterns and fabric what is it that I want to sew?  

I know that my sewing is more about the creative process than it is about actually wearing anything, but I do have to get dressed everyday and would like to have clothing that I really love and that works for my life.  

I'm not sure that I will solve this dilemna anytime soon, so while I ponder I have a few UFO's (unfinished objects) that I have been working on to share...

I boxed up the Christmas trimmings before I left in January and the house felt very 'naked' when I got back.  I decided I wanted something to 'nod at spring' for my table.  I found some fun Easter Bunny decorations that needed a table runner. (some of you may remember my 'quilting escapade' from last year around this time. see last year's post here)   I got all wound up for another major quilting session (major for me!) and then talked myself down off the ledge and settled for a simple (but I like to think, elegant) linen table runner.

The too cute bunny globe inspired the color palette and fabrics...linen (of course) silk ribbons, lovely cotton print...WHOA!

My "simple but elegant" linen table runner....raw edges, hand stitching, neutral palette...

Just enough spring to keep me going until the real thing shows up.

I did have a project that I worked on while I was in Key West.  I stenciled and layered cotton jerseys (a la Natalie Chanin) to make a t-shirt.  I got the stitching done while I was away, but still have to do all the cut-outs.  I'm having to do it a little at time, because my eyes start to cross after awhile.  I like the way it is shaping up and will keep plugging away at it.  I will share the finished T-shirt at some point....don't hold your breath!

Stitching away on my back porch!

The stencil is one that I cut using a picture of the carpeting in a hotel lobby that I stayed in at some point.

The color inspiration is my nod to old fashion 'redwork' or 'Turkey work'  

I am liking the results, but it is a time consuming process.

...time to cut the stencils!

As I wait for flashes of inspiration and spring...or both!  I will work on my UFO's and continue pondering my closet...and probably make a few more trips to the Goodwill Donation Center!


  1. Transitioning from a corporate wardrobe has been a rather long process for me. Three years now and I finally think I have a handle on it. Besides wearing more casual clothes hubby and I travel quite frequently (usually cruises) so knit garments are my friends. However, I still sew jackets as they are my love but they are definitely more "artsy" rather than classic. Enjoy the journey. Karen

    1. Karen....more casual, good for traveling, lots of knits...but still 'artsy'...you nailed it! Glad to know that I still have a couple of years to rework the ol' closet. Thanks