A "Post"card from Key West!

"The weather is here, wish you were beautiful!"  
                                                                   Jimmy Buffet

I am sitting here in my darling little house in the middle of Key West and wondering how it got to be the 17th of January already?!?!!!  Time couldn't go fast enough in December and now I am being reminded of the adage, 'be careful what you wish for.'

I did bring a couple of sewing/knitting projects with me thinking I would probably need more but didn't have room for them.  Ha!  I sent the knitting project home with my hubby this weekend and am quite sure my sewing project will be packed up for the trip back north without much headway.  

It has been a glorious 2 weeks.  Amazing weather, family and friends visiting, no car, no coat, no worries!  I have two days to myself and then more visits and lots of fun stuff that will make the sewing project quite superfluous.

I did find the quilting shop on KW, and it is a great shop.  Lots of tropical prints, and even yarn!  I will probably need to add to my stash before I head north!

The 'wild life' here is also interesting...and I'm not just talking about the "Parrotheads" and "Cruise Ship Folk".

These colorful fellows are EVERYWHERE!  and they are protected!  You don't mess with the chickens on Key West!

Hemmingway had a whole pile of cats when he lived here most of them descended from a polydactyl cat given to him by a boat captain friend.  Their ancestors still roam freely in the gardens of the Hemmingway House here on the island.  Check out those mitts!

There is a lovely butterfly house here and along with beaucoup butterflies there are a couple of flamingos.  They don't even look real!  

...and of course sea creatures galore!

I can't even pretend that I am missing my studio!  I am so enjoying the sun, riding my bike, the sun, eating Key Lime Pie, the sun, watching the incredible sunsets, the sun....I know my time here will be done before I know it and I'll be back to the snow and ice in Michigan...THEN I will be happy that I have a studio to immerse myself in!  But for now...

"It's 5 o'clock somewhere!"