Oops! My Bad!

Sooooo, apparently not all of the comments that get sent go through the same way!

I have to apologize to those of you who have sent comments that I didn't realize were waiting for me to 'moderate.'  I have just figured it out and will be catching up as much as I can.

In my defense...I see many of the comments from my email page.  I have tried to reply to these as they come in.  There is a whole pile of other comments that come into the blog directly (my impression of how this all mysteriously happens!) and wait in a folder until I do something with them.  These are the ones that I will be working like heck to sort through.  Please be patient with me!

When I started this blog thing I told my sons (who were the instigators) that I was not sure I wanted folks to make comments.  "What if they are mean?!"  "I'm doing this for fun!"  Oh, me of little faith!  I have been touched and overwhelmed by the comments and kindness of everyone who has taken the time to leave me a note.  I can't believe I was worried about it, and now I look forward to hearing from folks who are enjoying my sewing adventures as much as I am.

So to those of you who take a minute and comment....thank you!  I will be much more diligent in checking the 'comment' folder in the future.

...from the department of on going IT education!

Comment confusion update!!!!

I think I have managed to catch up with all of the kind messages.  So glad I figured it out now.  I'm not sure I would have had the stamina to get through them if it had gone on for any longer.  It was actually kind of fun to revisit some of the older posts.  Thanks for checking in on my adventures.