Home is Where the Cat is!

 Yes!  I did make it back to Michigan!   I am still feeling my way through this snowbird life that we are living.  I get my notes out to remind me how to hook up the outside shower and call the garbage service to let them know we will be making garbage for them again....I know I will figure it out, but it's still pretty new and I have to remember that I am on a steep learning curve!  Like....running out of white thread!!!  I didn't even know that was a thing!?  This unlikely situation happens when you are quite sure that you bought two spools of white thread recently, BUT they happen to have been purchased in the OTHER state! ...and please, know that I am immensely grateful for all of these non problems that pop up in my very blessed life.  I do know how truly lucky I am.

The one member of this snowbirdy group who seems to take it all in stride is our amazing 22 year old cat! (I also didn't know that 22 year old cats were a thing?!)  She has learned to tolerate riding in the car, not always her favorite thing, and while she does have a cozy felted basket to ride in, her preferred spot is right under my feet.  

...and she has no objections to hotel stays, as long as there is a king sized bed to curl up on....

We're not sure but we think she might be immortal!

I have done a bit of sewing but some of it is for my Threads online series, "Riffs on a Tried and True Pattern."  I am making a garment each month starting with The Fit For Art Tabula Rasa pattern.  Threads is posting them on their website, but while I have just finished my May project, they are just getting ready to post the April installment.  I'll share more of them once they are posted at Threads.

I have been surprised at how much time I am spending on these projects.  It has been really fun, but also means I don't have a lot of other sewing projects to share.  I did make a new shirt to wear on our trip north.  I have been trying to figure out how to use a cotton jersey panel that I got from Marcy Tilton's website.  It looks like a Matisse painting...I'm not even sure if I have it the right way up!  I used my Merchant and Mills Fielder Dress hack and combined the panel with a turquoise jersey and a grey and white striped jersey to make the seam inserts.  It's a bit 'festive' but I like it!  It was the final project of the Southernmost season...

My first project of the Northernmost season was a trial balloon of a skort.  I have a few skorts that I wear ALL the time and have had trouble finding new ones.  I decided I could probably figure out how to make one...I devised a gored skirt with a wide stretchy waist band and hooked a pair of leggings to the inside.  This go is a bit rough around the edges, but I think it is a definite proof of concept.  I'll try again with a few tweaks, but I think this one is actually wearable.

...and I couldn't have done it without my favorite assistant....

I am patiently waiting for the rainy weather to give way to the lovely Michigan summer that I know is right around the corner.  I will be happily rooting around in my Michigan fabric stash for a few more summer projects....I might need to make a few notes so I remember where the white thread is!