Down Dog Dress

I have been working on a project for the last year that was supposed to be wrapped up this past week.  Putting the finishing touches together has been consuming my time for the past several weeks and I was so glad that it would be off my 'to do' list.  But...it is still going on and I am a bit weary. (OK...really, really weary with a dose of frustration!) ...and haven't had time to do any sewing.  Which of course is a second dose of frustration!

Just before things heated up, I had made a new dress.  It is supposed to be my yoga dress, but I haven't had time to even go to a yoga class since I made it.  

It started because I don't like wearing just my yoga pants and a top around town to and from class...I know it is fashionable, but my yoga pants are very comfortable (aka old and getting older) and not really in the fashionable category any longer.  You might be asking...why don't you just get a new pair of pants?!  Definitely a good thought, but there is still the problem of feeling like I am walking about with my tights on that makes me feel as if I've forgotten something...like a skirt!!!  

I had seen a tunic/dress made out of a cozy knit with a nice drapy collar that I thought would be nice to just throw over my exercise clothes and go.  So that is how I ended up with my new yoga dress...which has yet to see the inside of a yoga studio!

The front seam is a bit to the right of center, curving down across the front from the deep U-neckline into the stepped hem.  The collar is a big rectangle that is sewn between a 'dickie' that fills the neckline, and the dress.  I flipped the fabric to the other side so the inset is black.  Since the collar is a single layer with a raw edge, you see both the gray side and the black side of the fabric as it drapes around the neck.  I have big scoopy in-seam pockets and sleeves that I can pull down to keep my hands warm.  The fabric is a cotton/poly textured knit a little heavier than a t-shirt, with a lot of nice drape to it.  

...so until I have the chance to get to my next 'down dog' session...it makes a very comfortable 'walking the dog' dress as well!  Namaste!


Looking for My Mojo

My sewing mojo has been stubbornly elusive lately.  I think an author might call it 'writer's block.'  Maybe it's the gloomy late winter weather, or just busy with life...whatever it is I can't seem to find a sewing project that captures my attention.  

Usually around this time of year I get all wound up in a spring creation that always ends up 'too-cute-for-its-own-good.'  Think pastels, ruffles, matching hat....right down the rabbit hole!  There's still plenty of spring ahead so it might happen, but not today.

Today I decided to do something that didn't require too much decision making, and would be a gentle nudge in the direction of my sewing room.  A bit of instant sewing gratification.

I have an alpaca sweater that has been looking for an outfit for a couple of years.  It is a cropped style that fits close around the middle.  I thought I would like it with jeans and a long shirt tail, but not so much...and I have tried several versions with no joy.  I was just about to give up but just couldn't bring myself to put it in the Goodwill box, not yet.  I thought maybe I would try it with a dress of some sort. 

I thought a dress that fit fairly close with a high waist so it would't compete with the cropped length of the sweater.  Not wanting to mess around making my T-shirt into a straight dress (remember the 'no decision' rule!) I found a pattern in my stash that looked like it would work.  I hadn't used the pattern before so I did make a trial balloon to see how it would fit...and...pleasant surprise...the only change I made was to drop the bust dart!  

I had pulled a piece of wool jersey that I liked with the sweater a while ago so that decision was already made.  It is a lovely Smartwool mill end, one of my favorite fabrics.  And just because it was feeling almost too simple, I decided a scarf would be nice.  For that I found a scrap of sheer silk and a goldish crepe de chine  that looked awful with the wool and the sweater until they were layered together...then they worked quite nicely.

The whole thing took about an hour...so about as close to instant gratification as it gets.  

AND I actually like the dress and sweater combo...finally, so I guess the sweater will dodge the Goodwill box this time!