Some new Bottoms

 I made something!!!

Yes indeed I actually went to my sewing room and sewed!!!

However, I can't share it yet.

Last year I made white shirts every month.  I really enjoyed the challenge of making each one different and doing it every month.  This year I decided to do another challenge and asked Threads Magazine if they would like to follow along on my little journey.  They did!  So, my 2022 monthly challenge garments will be posted on the Threads website.  I'm not sure when it will all start, but once they are up on the Threads site I can share them here.  So for now here is what I will be doing for my monthly sewing challenge.

I will be starting each month with the same pattern.  I love a TNT pattern and particularly when I can keep it fresh.  I will be using the Fit For Art Tabula Rasa Jacket pattern and figuring out a new way to morph it each month.  I have finished the January version and I'll share it as soon as it goes live on Threads!

Until then...I have also made a couple of pair of pants that I can share.

I have a pair of Target boxers that I wear for PJ's and love.  They are simple little shorts.  I keep thinking that I would like some that might be more for public consumption.  I finally did it!  Here are my ready for prime time boxers....

I'm pretty pleased with them, but of course there are a few tweaks that will make the next ones soooo much better!  I just can't seem to leave well enough alone.  They are pretty square and basic, but I think they will be just right for the warm days here in Key West.  I also think it will be fun to find some goofy prints to make them in.  ...what was I saying about 'public consumption????

The other pants that I made are white jeans.  I was trying to remember if I have ever had a pair of white jeans.  If I have, it totally escapes my memory.  I'm going with the notion that I probably couldn't keep white pants white.  But I had a really lovely piece of stretch linen that was perfect for a pair of Closet Core Ginger Jeans.  Did I mention that I love this pattern!?!  They fit so well, and the instructions are really well done.  It is so much fun to make them!

I will have to see if I can keep these things white, but for now I am in love! <3  I can't believe I waited so long to try them!  Also, my sweater is almost finished!  If you look closely you can see the needle hanging on the left sleeve.  I have a 3" cuff to add and then I am finished.  I can't believe I started this when I got here in December and it's that close.  I usually lose interest after the first sleeve and then it gets sidelined for a few years before I get it finished.  I suppose it could still happen, but I'm liking it with the white pants so I think I will get it done.  

Next week we are getting a daybed for our living room.  I have a pile-o-pillow fabric that will be getting all my attention for awhile.  The last home dec project I did was a duvet cover...for a king bed...😱a batch of throw pillows should be easy peasy!  Famous last words...