News from Memory Lane

A Bit of News....

People who have known me for awhile know that I have been a fan of Threads Magazine for, like, FOREVER!  I finally after years of carting them around, let my collection of actual paper copies of the magazine go.  I had every issue from No.1.  (I now have them digitally which isn't quite as tactile, but much easier to cart around!)

One of my favorite Threads events was the "Inspired By Threads" competition and fashion show that was held annually for eight years (I think I have that right?).  The challenge was to create a garment or ensemble that was inspired by an article in the magazine in the previous 12 months.  Right up my alley!  I entered every year, and was the only person to be accepted all eight times!  (Point of pride.)  I won the top price one year and a rummer up prize in another year, which was lovely, but my main objective was not to win anything.  My objective was just to get into the fashion show.  Because....if you were in the fashion show you had the opportunity to be backstage with all the incredible outfits and sewists that had created them.  It was AMAZING!  When the event was retired I think I may have gone through a bit of withdrawal.😢

I don't have any pictures from the show...you might find some in a Threads Magazine somewhere ;)
But I do have some pictures that a photographer friend helped me take of some of the outfits that I entered in the competition.  Another lovely friend did the modeling which makes them really look professional!

I know the grey and mauvey ensemble won the "Best in Show" and one of the others won "Best Embellishment" (I can't actually remember which one 😳)....very fond memories...


The article that inspired me was about making a bustier.  It was such fun and nothing like I would ever wear, except at the fashion show.  The fabric is actually quilting cotton that has been washed and then free-motion quilted to unwashed muslin.  When the piece is washed again the muslin shrinks up giving all kinds of great texture.  I made the bustier and then embellished it with beads and silk ribbon embroidery.  The "feather" trim is really several different textured yarns.

Here are a few other ensembles that were part of the competition in other years....


This top started with a piece of Italian beaded lace for the center of the "log cabin" and then each additional layer of the square was a different ribbon.  The skirt is three layers of sheer fabrics to continue the theme of sheer ribbons in the top.


One side of this kimono style top is actually antique kimono fabric.  The collar band is quilted in a sashiko pattern and the pieces are held together with beaded faggoted seams.  


I must have been channeling Madame Butterfly for this one!  All pink and girly!  Layers of silk with silk ribbon embroidery.


I loved making this boiled wool jacket with reverse appliques and slotted seams.  The shapes echo the paisley from the shirt fabric.

The forties kind of colors of the rayon print reminded me of yo-yos (which is the article that inspired this outfit).  I made a design of yo-yos trailing the seam of the jeans.  The top is a tunic with a vest over it.  The vest fabric started out as a stripe of black on black, shiny/matte hammered satin.  I cut it into strips and left the serged seams exposed to add even more texture.

So you might be wondering what the heck inspired this stroll down memory lane?

Well, that's the bit news....A few months ago Threads contacted me and asked if I would be interested in writing some blog posts for Threads Insider, their online content.   😮Duh!  Heck yeah!  What a wonderful way to connect back with a magazine and organization that has inspired me for decades.  It has been fun to work with some of the same folks who were part of the competition and I am learning all kinds of new 'digital' stuff!   

Check out the nifty button they sent me...

...So, if you haven't had enough of me already, you can pop on over to Threads and get some more!