Ho,Ho, Holidays!

It's here!  Another December. 

As a kid I remember thinking that December was the longest month of the year...it felt like Christmas would never get here.  But now it just sneaks up on me and flies by before I can catch my breath.  I think this year feels even faster since Thanksgiving was so late in November.

I hosted one of my favorite holiday 'traditions' on Friday afternoon to kick off the season.  (I think it's fair to call it a tradition now that it has happened for several years.)  My sewing friends all come to my house for a 'luncheon.'  It feels a bit old fashioned and I like that.  They indulge my once a year "Martha Stewart-ish" leanings and we all enjoy a lovely afternoon together eating and chatting. This year the menu included French onion soup in bread bowls, a salad and Triple Chocolate Raspberry Trifle.  (Rule: if it's not chocolate, it's not dessert!)

I usually try to get a photo of the group but this year I was so engrossed I didn't remember until everyone was on their way home.  I did take a quick shot of the table before we started so that will have to do.

I make some kind of Christmas ornament to decorate each place setting and this year I made fabric Christmas trees.  For the table I used them to hold the utensils, but when they get done hanging on trees, they are little scissor holders that can be used to pack scissors and other sewing tools when you are off on a sewing retreat.

I did have my wits about me when I was making them and managed to take some progress photos.  Here's how I made them....

The pattern is basically and 8 X 10  rectangle with 3 bound edges and a couple of folds sewn in place.  I used my bias binding foot which makes a lovely 3/8" bound edge.  I love that thing!  I rounded the corners to make binding easier...


I left a tail of the binding to make a hanging loop....


The raw edge of the rectangle is fold to the inside so it doesn't show....


I secured the last fold by stitching-in-the-ditch next to the binding...


The "Christmas Tree Lot!"


I really love the chance to fuss over my sewing girls.  They are such a gift in my life and most of the time would not sit still for much 'fussing.'  I am grateful that they let me do it at least this one time each year!  Happy Holidays to all of them and to all of you who read along and indulge my sewing adventures!  Cheers!


  1. What a great idea for the ornament to have multiple uses. You so cleaver.

    1. 😁. Thanks. And I used a bunch of stashed fabric from my crazy quilting days! Win win win!

  2. Wicked Cool! i am always wondering how to transport scissors... now I have a model!

    1. I have more than a few totes with scissor holes...I get it!! Enjoy!