The New "Perfect" Bag!

 A new bag for a new year!

Isn't it a cutie?!   I keep thinking my fascination with bags will wane at some point...but not yet!  There is just something so satisfying about hooking a bunch of pockets together!  

Why, you may ask, do I need another backpack?  Well, to be quite honest, I don't.  But that hasn't stopped me yet.  The somewhat spurious rationale for this one, is that my former "perfect bag" has gotten too big!  When I have the room I tend to fill it up and that means I end up hauling around too much stuff!  In Michigan where most of the time I am getting in the car to go places, having a bag that is a bit heavy isn't too much of a problem.  But here in Key West I am on foot or on my bike and extra weight is very noticeable.  I wanted something smaller that would hold the essentials that I want and nothing more.  

I started with the idea of making a 'fanny pack.'  It would be about the right size....But...it just reminded me too much of a 1980's Saturday Night Live skit.  I just couldn't do it.  I also realized that the reason I started carrying a backpack in the first place was to balance the weight of a bag evenly on my body.  If I am out all day I notice that whichever side has been carrying the bag gets all tensed up.  So I decided to stick with the backpack format.  

Next I got out the 'essentials.'  My phone, my wallet, my glasses (reading and sunnies), my mask and hand sanitizer (I will be glad when these might not be essential anymore), car key and foldable tote...just in case shopping happens! 😉  I started sketching ideas and very quickly realized that all my drawings look eerily similar to the backpack I was trying to replace!  Apparently the design and arrangement of pockets is still perfect!  So I didn't reinvent the wheel...this time!  I simply made all the pockets smaller.

Since I was working with smaller real estate I simplified some of the features as well.  I didn't put a zipper on the front pocket, I put the wallet pocket zipper on an angle to get more opening length, I added a snap to keep the main pocket closed.  I kept the cell phone pocket on the side, which has become my favorite feature on my 'homemade' backpacks, I also kept the convertible straps the same.

I will have to use it for awhile to really figure out if it is the new "perfect" bag, but right now it is a strong contender!!  p.s.  I am pretty proud of my pattern matching...😁


  1. Wow that's a GREAT bag! You should be super pleased with it.

    1. I am! But the "engineer" in my keeps finding the little tweaks. I think the next one will have a longer front flap.

  2. Looks great I really like the fabric. Part of may be seeing flowers instead of snow. Kalamazoo was really cold and windy today.

    1. Happy to brighten your day. It is acting more like January in Key West this week. Cooler and more clouds...but still way warmer than MI.