...So Far in 2023...

 Obviously, when I mentioned in my last (long ago) post that I might not be spending as much time blogging in the future, I wasn't kidding.  It is funny, even though I am a technology luddite, I have moved with some modicum of grace, to using Instagram.  When my boys set up this blog eons ago (in technology years...kind of like dog years, but a much bigger multiple!) I never imagined that I would be able to do it...and I felt the same way when I was introduced to Instagram.  I guess you can teach an old dog something new.  I am sure that there will be a new 'sharing platform' at some point, and we'll see if the dog is too old at that point.  But for now, I am enjoying being able to share my sewing adventures and peek in on other creative adventurers quickly and without having to spend too many minutes a day in front of a screen.  If you are interested in peeking in on me, I am at "beckysewsalot" and I do pop in some pictures with a bit more regularity there.  

Since it's been a while 😉 I'll do a bit of a whirlwind tour of what I have been working on so far in 2023...

My British son came to visit over the Christmas/New Year holidays and, as usual, had a sewing project for me.  While this corduroy and flannel vest looks completely out of place in our palm tree lined back garden, he assures me that it is "the best vest EVER" for wearing while cider making in the English countryside.  It is always fun to see what he wants me to make, and it is nice that he actually uses and likes the finished products.  

You may recall that for the past few years I have given myself a creative challenge to keep my making spirit entertained throughout the year.  It started during Covid when I really needed the creative nudge, but it has become a bit of a tradition at this point.  My first challenge was to make a white shirt each month during 2021.  In 2022 I decided I would make a variation of the same pattern each month and chose the Tabula Rasa Jacket by Fit For Art as my starting point.  I had a lot of fun last year working with Threads Magazine and Fit For Art creating the garments and posting them as part of the Threads Insider online "magazine."



This year I am again working with Threads to post my monthly projects, but this time around I am calling it "The Year of RE."  I realized that I really don't need many clothes at this point in my life, but I really do need to have the stimulation and fun of making them.  So...I am taking something that already exists, like a garment that I made that was not all that successful or that I am not wearing, or a tea towel, or vintage linen of some sort....and "RE" something it.  I made 12 cards with "RE" words that will be my inspiration each month and I will choose a project based on the word I pick from my cards.

So far in January I chose "reinvent" and took a linen jumpsuit that was languishing in the closet and turned it into a pair of shorts and a top.  I also "reinvented" a bias cut scarf that I wasn't wearing any longer and ended up with a halter top that is really great on warm days here in my southernmost spot.

In February I chose "remake."  I started with a wrap top that I really liked, but found too "fancy and fussy" for most of my days at this point.  I "remade" it into an easy to wear 'boxy' top that feels much more like my style.

January and February have been posted on Threads and March has been submitted (hint, hint....I started with Turkish towels) and will be up soon.  I am very much enjoying 'revisiting' some of these projects.  It is much more challenging than just starting with new fabric.  Figuring out how to take the original thought and turn it into a new one is keeping my monkey brain busy for sure.  We'll see what the northernmost closet has in store as I make my way north this month.

Here are a few other fun things that have been keeping me happily sewing this year....

Bridgerton inspired outfits for a charity benefit....

Baby mermaids outfits for a new little Conch...(that's what we call folks who are actually born on Key West.)

A new travel tote bag (because I can't NOT make a new bag!!!!) for my first airplane trip since 2020.  

I went to a Design Outside the Lines retreat with Diane Ericson and Carol Lee Shanks in Ashland, Oregon in March.  It felt really good to be among my "tribe" creating again.  I worked on a zero waste dress design that I did all by hand.  Sitting and stitching with the group in Ashland was just the therapy I was needing.

I'm becoming more comfortable with our North/South routine and do find that I love being in each place and miss each place at the same time.  Right now I am ready to leave the too warm days in Key West and head for the cooler, springtime days in Michigan.  I know in November I'll be ready to leave the snow and head back to my orchids and I think that means I am in the right place (s) for me right now. 

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