Linen's Last Hoorah!

Artful T #4...

Eileen Fisher is one of my style muses.  Elegant, timeless, sophisticated....where does she get those gorgeous fabrics!?!!?  I love everything she does!  This season I have had my eye on a simple woven linen t-shirt.  It's over-sized, rumply, loose...all my favorite attributes for a comfortable summer top.  

I waited for it to go on sale...which it did...eventually.
However...the only size that was left was XL.  Granted, I did say I liked 'over-sized' but in this case we're talking needing directions to get to the other side of the shirt!  Sigh!

So...off to find rumply, soft, maybe even plaid linen.

My plan was to make a simple shirt.  Top stitched hems and neckline. A final quick summer linen project.  

Famous last words!

I found the fabric!  Not plaid, but really pretty and soft.  And after a turn in the washer and dryer, divinely rumpled!

The pattern is one that I have been refining for years.  My basic woven T.

All set...let's do this...

You know I think I have some cool linen rick rack?  Oh, does that pearl cotton I got the other day match the print?  I bet this fabric would look great with raw edge finishes....

I just can't help myself....I started making samples...

The simple turned edge, top stitched neckline became a folded bias strip, machine stitched to one side of the rick rack, other side left raw (of course), then the rick rack was sewn by hand with pearl cotton to the edge of the neckline.  

I really liked the little 'chicken feet' stitches that I did to attach the rick rack, so I repeated them for the hems.

It was looking great!

I was very proud of my hem finish.  A side slit with the hem a bit longer in the back.

The 'slow sew' neckline was very cool, the little chicken feet hems looked super....

Slipped it on...

I could have just bought the XL Eileen Fisher!


I'll just wear it big....no I won't...it will just hang in the closet...double drat!

I tucked out several inches in the center front and liked it way better!  But a seam down the center front?  Yuck!  Sleep on it....

The fix was really pretty simple...buttons up the back!  I cut straight up the center back, folded the edges (which took out a couple of inches), made buttonholes (with cute little chicken feet stitches!) and badabingbadaboom...I love it!

My quick last hoorah of summer T turned into both a 'slow sew' AND a 'refashion' project!

So much for best laid plans.  Artful T #4 ready for those last few hot days in September before sweater weather!


  1. What a great solution to save this very cute top!!!!! Think I will do this to a couple of my "now way too big" linen tops - reversible - but sloppy looking now!!! Many thanks for this great solution!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!

    1. Thanks Judy. I love hearing that an idea will get more play time in another sewing room!

  2. Love your work and thanks so much for sharing you process! I too have been working on perfecting soft woven fabric t-shirts. Love your solution of the button up back. May have to try that on one of mine that has been sitting....


    1. Thanks for noticing...you can probably tell that the process is where I geek out...and sometimes it even ends up with something wearable ;)

  3. Your details are amazing and wonderful. Simple yet unique. Wherever did you get linen rick rack – it looks almost metallic in the photo. It sure does add a touch of luxury. Brava!

  4. Isn't it cool? If I ever remember where I got it, I'm getting a bunch more!