A Buss Bag for Fall

Fall is my favorite season.  The first days when the temperature goes down feel like a sigh of relief after the last hot days of summer.  The colors , the smells...I like everything about it, except the fact that it means winter isn't far off!  

No matter how long I have been out of school, I still get that 'back-to-school' energy boost.  I have to go out a buy a new box of crayons or something!!  And, usually by now, I have swapped out the pile of linen on my cutting table for a luscious pile of wool.  But this year we have had, not just warm days, but our hottest days of the summer well into October!  It just hasn't felt right to go inside.

But this week, on the first rainy day of the fall, I gathered with several of my ASG buddies and we made 'carpet bags' with the lovely, creative Rhonda Buss.  (you can read about her sewing adventures here )

If you wander around at all in my past posts you will notice that I kinda like engineering and making bags...a lot.  So the chance to see another 'bag lady' in action was perfect.

We worked with Rhonda's pattern, that she assured us would fit under the seat in front of us, and possibly, even in the bag-size-checking device at the airport!  

We cut and stitched, laughed and chatted, and eventually had a roomful of very lovely, personality plus travel bags.  There was no doubt about which bag belonged to which sewer.  Everyone was a perfect reflection of the owner's personality and style.

Rhonda's pattern was well designed and the hints and tips she shared made them go together like a breeze.  I think there may be some more of these in my future!

Rhonda helping me adjust the placement of my straps.  

I was planning to use the black cotton webbing as it came, and Rhonda asked in her best innocent voice, "Are you going to add anything to the middle of your straps?"  WELL, I guess I am!  And she was absolutely right!  The strip of contrasting cotton gave the bag some extra panache and beefed up the straps to handle the size of the bag.  Good call coach!

Finished bag with my coach!

Love the way the bird is peeking out of the pocket of this bag!

Each bag was a total reflection of the maker!

A day away sewing with friends...the perfect way to welcome in fall!


  1. It's a great-looking bag. Love that kind of print. And presumably it's washable too. The addition of the trim to the strapping just puts it in another realm. Beautiful.

    1. It was fun to make it and to watch the other bags come together. Rhonda said the same thing about the straps...good call!