Christmas Coat Number One

I feel like it has been a really long time since my last installment....I could haul out all the tired excuses, but the truth is, I have been procrastinating, big time, on my oiled canvas coats.  The stuff is really scary!😱

I received my heavy package from Merchant and Mills back in October!  I figured I had plenty of time to whip up three (maybe four) oiled canvas jackets before Christmas.  Oh silly naive Pollyanna!

Well, the first wrinkle came when we decided to go back to London the first week of December for an early Christmas with my now London based offspring.  Very fun, but that meant one coat had to be completed before the end of November! (and I would be in London for a week which would definitely eat into my sewing schedule for the other coats!)  AND I was still terrified of my pile of oiled canvas!

The 'last minute' always has a way of motivating me, so I jumped in.

My oldest son had chosen the Foreman jacket pattern in black oiled canvas.  I got the pattern ready...lots of additional inches for long torso and long arms...I was crossing my fingers that I had measured everything correctly.

When I started I had visions of maybe lining the sleeves and maybe a half back lining....I got the first pocket in place and realized that if I got the bare minimum of seaming completed I would be very lucky!  Because of the waxy finish there was no ironing allowed and, like leather, if you have to pull out any stitching, it leaves a lovely perforated line in the fabric.  So, no mistakes!!! 😳  I also discovered that I had to take a lot of breaks while working with this fabric.  I was literally sweating at times wrestling the weight through my sewing machine. 😰  I haven't had a challenge like this in a long time.  I love it!

 I used the recommended heavy jeans needle and heavy duty thread and still went through 4 needles for one jacket!!!  Like I said...this is tough stuff!  By the time I got ready to make the buttonholes I knew that that was never going to happen...plan B...big 'o snaps.


I packed it up along with a really cute wool version of the Francine sailor top for his girlfriend and hoped like heck that they would fit!


We got to London on Wednesday and were planning to have our Christmas celebration on Sunday.  I was a nervous wreck waiting to see if I had gotten everything right.  Whew!  The Christmas angels were watching over me!  Both pieces fit and looked great!


My models were a bit self conscious about being photographed...so I did the best I could!  I think they look pretty darn cute!

OK...one down...two to go!  🎄🎅  Ho, Ho, Ho!


  1. They look great with one down the next two should be a piece of cake for you.

    1. They better be...'cuz I'm running out of time!